Art Studio


Expression and Inner feelings can be best conveyed in the form of Art. It is the first ever language which develops the creativity, imagination, skill and knowledge along with good manners. It plays a great role in the life of a growing child. For a child there is no limitation with respect to concept, rules and medium. They are free to explore every form of art at its basic.

Crafts lay foundation to all sorts of Arts. Crafting stage is the one in which budding artisan learns to manipulate the tools of trade. In the Apprentice stage he gains the skills and abilities to master the devices needed in the area of artistry.

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To lay this foundation deeper, we have a dedicated mentor and an art studio which is a composite of all the much needed amenities to enhance your child’s basics in art. Schooling is one place where a child is expected to grow up to his dreams both as an individual and professional and It’s not surprising that the studio is one chamber in campus which is fast evolving and is favorite among the kids.