The school has a State- of- the-Art Library which competes with any world class library. Circulation system is best served whereby students are encouraged to come to the library any day during break time to issue and return books besides regular library class schedules.

To make our students keep up with the information load and make them lifelong learners and critical thinkers, an ‘Information Literacy’ program has been designed for classes VI to XII by the librarian, which is based on CBSE curriculum and is taken up during library class.

Students go to Internet and research information for the projects which sharpens their skills to collect, understand, organize, analyze, synthesize and finally present information. Thus the library and library class is more meaningful and result oriented.

For classes Nursery to V, inculcation of reading habits is done through ‘Reading Aloud’, ‘Story telling’, ‘Quizzes’and ‘Online book reading’ etc. The librarian also introduces various competitions like ‘Author Profiles’ and ‘Book Reviews’ in order to evaluate the reading habits of students. These features have made the library a popular place for students.

A well stacked library is at the disposal of students . This collection comprises of Non-Fiction and Fiction segment for Primary, Middle and Senior level students. There are standard reference books available like Encyclopedia Britannica, World Book Encyclopedia, Child Craft, Time-Life Publications, Year Books, Competition Success, Popular Science, Illustrated encyclopedia of wildlife, Eyewitness guides, Dictionaries like Oxford, Webster’s, Cambridge, Reader’s Digest, Visual Dictionaries, Cultures of the World, Biographical encyclopedia and many more, encompassing all possible subject areas of an academic institution.

The school subscribes to various dailies, weekly and monthly journals, newsletters and magazines, thirty seven in total which include some International publications. These periodicals provide general reading for knowledge and awareness to specific needs like preparing for competitions and competitive exams for students and faculty members.