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Language Lab

The school has tied up with Young India Films, Chennai. It isn’t just computers which brought globalization home. It’s the language that brought people closer. In Yester year’s people found it more important to be grammatically correct leaving the rest of the aspects behind.

Pace was one concept which was misunderstood as speed or high rate of speech. Now as the globalization enters a new level, it has become mandatory to learn the art of communicating relevant and appropriate information without ambiguity. Intonation has gained prominence over mere punctuation and gaps.

Controlled rate of speech has become a necessity in the global market due to expansion of trade. Mother tongue influence which was not a concern in a non English community has become a subject of dignity and pride. It is considered second class to have any form of accent.

Keeping these things in view we have developed a language lab which deals with such difficulties at a very early stage. Speaking, listening and writing, emphasis is laid on all the three factors. Apart from these, attention is paid to interpersonal skills, body language and public speaking.

Due diligence is required in handling such larger concepts hence we have equipped the laboratory with Audio Visual tools, Listening aids and computers. To further enrich the public speaking skills, sessions in groups and masses are held on a priority basis. Structured programs by EFLU are used to supplement the training.