चाचा नेहरु का बच्चों से,
बहुत पुराना नाता.
जन्म दिवस चाचा नेहरु का,
बाल दिवस कहलाता.
ये हैं बाल दिवस…
Happy Children’s Day

It was a festival of happiness, a festival of smiles, a festival of joyfulness, a festival of satisfaction. All these happen when it is YOUTH FESTIVAL and it was organised by Delhi Public School, Sambalpur on Children’s Day. We were blessed to have Dr. Dwarikanath Nayak, a dramatist, actor, essayist, editor as our chief guest along with Mr. Ashok Lohaan, a trainer at Padatik International, Kolkata. The program was started with solo dance followed by Mythological drama on different themes and group dance. It was like a national level program.

But the surprise was waiting for the children when they gathered again after lunch.The Children’s Day cake was cut by school Head boy and Head girl and teachers performed dance so passionately and energetically. At last a beautiful Skit was presented by the teachers with a moral message to achieve their dreams and respect seniors. The children enjoyed a lot and returned to home with bag full of smiles and merriment.



Swatantrata Divas, India’s Independence Day, is celebrated annually at Delhi Public School, Sambalpur on the 15th of August. This day commemorates the Independence and the end of the colonial rule of the British, achieved in 1947. The British had ruled India since the 18th century. This foreign rule ended in 1947. This time it is 72 years of celebration.

It is celebrated throughout the country with the ceremonial raising of the national flag and the distribution of sweets with great enthusiasm and great respect. The flag raising and public cultural programs take place in all of the capitals of the Indian states. In addition, they are also carried out by many private organisations, schools and colleges. This year in August 2018, many guests and parents came to the school and the celebration took place.  The children performed cultural performances in beautiful and traditional dresses. The celebration was concluded with the National Anthem.


“Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life”. To inculcate the leadership qualities in the students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body, a school prefecture board was formed after scrutinize interviewing and selection.

The Investiture Ceremony at Delhi Public School, Sambalpur for the academic session 2018-19. The Principal Mrs. Sujata Lenka  inspired and encouraged the elected leaders to be dutiful and responsible in her address to the gathering. Donning the mantle of accountability, they also pledge to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities. We believe that the child eccentric approach will frame a responsible citizen.

The ceremony was held with lots of zeal and zest. The elected student’s Council were given sash and badges by all our dignitaries. The students’ council took the pledge to hold the school motto of Loyalty, Truth and Honour in high esteem. The march by all the prefects was a spectacular event which set the mood for the event. The outgoing head boy and head girl shared their experiences and gratitude to the teachers and management in their speech. It was a memorial day for DPS, Sambalpur.

Election Campaign and School Election (2018-19)

Voting at Delhi Public School, Sambalpur is a unique civic learning experience which teachers and faculty can build upon in the classroom to help young people become educated, engaged citizens. The purpose of the Student Council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. Students need to develop their understanding of an election being multifaceted – the procedural and outcome components of an election and the concept and role of representation.

Running an election for your class, year level or across the whole school provides the opportunity for students to participate in the democratic process of choosing representatives for a range of purposes. These can include School election Campaign, House Perfect, Sports Captain and Cultural Captain. Elections can also be held to decide on whole school or class excursions, camps, and specific class or year level interests. It help to improve positive self-esteem, students responsibility, team skills, leadership skills and cooperation.

Results of Election Campaign and School Election (2018-19) are:

Election Campaign– Perseus House
School Head Boy – Aditya Bazaz
School Head Girl – Shreetuja Kuanar
Hercules House:
House Prefect – Abhinash Ray
Sports Captain – Rohit Munda
Cultural Captain – Bhumi Karia
Perseus House:
House Prefect- Debadutta Patel
Sports Captain – Debjyoti Pati
Cultural Captain – Swetleana Pattanaik
Orion House:
House Prefect – Ashneel Panda
Sports Captain – Debashis Das
Cultural Captain – Abhishek Anand
Zodiac House:
House Prefect – Komaljit Kaur
Sports Captain – Sachin Shekhar Pani
Cultural Captain – Archie Mishra


‘As Lord Krishna was born on Janmashtami Day in the month of Shravan at midnight, this day is celebrated all over India with much festivity. The devotees observe fasting and pay their obeisance to Lord Krishna.’ The team at Delhi Public School, Sambalpur created a party ambiance in the school – with colourful banners, attractive pots (हंडी) and a music system to drive the rhythm. The whole school got to celebrate Dahi Handi – right from our toddlers to our grown up children.

The children got to experience what it takes to create a human pyramid – a thing which they hear about often in stories. They found out that it doesn’t only take physical strength to make and climb a pyramid, but also takes some level of planning. At DPS, Sambalpur, we strive to create great memories for children.

DPS, Sambalpur loves planting trees and especially loves planting trees with kids. Planting trees connects students with nature and shows them that their hard work makes a difference in the world.

Tree Plantation Program can take an active role in helping to green their schools by teaming with their teachers, administrators, and parents to plant trees on their school property. These projects pay multiple benefits by improving environmental conditions and providing multi-disciplinary learning for students of all ages. It teaches them about plants and shows them how their efforts make an impact that they and their communities can revisit for years.

Trees in a school yard improve air quality and can reduce temperatures in warm climates by 10°F. They provide shade in hot temperatures and and new signs of life. They are a small environmental investment that will pay dividends for decades to come.Events like these form a part of the chain of memories which students cherish for life.

Cultural Activities Aug-Sep (2018-19)

The Cultural Activities are held at Delhi Public School, Sambalpur to bring out the various talents embedded in the students. They are able to showcase their skills in various activities and compete to improve their ability. The management supports all the activities and provides all the infrastructural encouragement for the development of the students. It gives the students an opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. They actually complement the curricular activities and groom the students in the “Art of living and working together”. The following are the various activities included to show their excellence.

  • Inter House Patriotic Group Song Competition
  • Inter House Kho-Kho Finals
  • Board Decoration Competition
  • Sholka Chanting Competition
  • Rakhi Making Competition

Results of the above activities are:

Inter House Patriotic Group Song Competition(VI-XII):

Winner: Perceus House

Runner-Up: Hercules House

Inter House Kho-Kho Finals(I-X):

Junior Group(I-V):

Hercules vs Orion: Champion-Orion house & Runner up- Hercules house
Senior Group(VI-X):
Girls- Hercules vs Orion: Champion-Hercules house & Runner up-Orion house
Boys- Hercules vs Orion: Champion-Hercules house & Runner up-Orion house

Board Decoration Competition (VI-X):

Winner- Perseus House

Runner Up- Hercules House

Shloka Chanting Competition (I-V):
Class I:    1st- Soham Bharat Kale                                  2nd- Nancy Dalei                                                              3rd- Aryan Senapati
Class II:   1st- Rajashree Nayak                                      2nd- Saima Pradhan                                                         3rd- Gaurav Mandal
Class III:  1st- Sandilya Panda & Manas Patel                2nd- Bhenish Panda                                                         3rd- Nirupam Mandal
Class IV:  1st- Jasmine Chandra & Kashish Thakur        2nd- Ajitesh Rathi & Shreesa Panigrahi                           3rd- Farhan Ahmed
Class V:   1st- Ayushi Rath                                             2nd- Ayushman Rath                                                        3rd- Rishima Tiwari

Rakhi Making Competition (I-VIII):

Class-I:    1st- Soham Bharat Kale & Naincy Dalei        2nd- Snehasini Das                                                            3rd- Nishka Tripathy
Class-II:   1st- Saimaa Pradhan & Hrehan Agrawal       2nd- Soundarjoo Saha Basu & Lakshmi Priya Mehena     3rd- Bunty Kumar Naik
Class-III:  1st- Anvita Mafidar                                        2nd- Asmit Dhar                                                                3rd- Pourush Praneet Behera
Class-IV:  1st- Kashish Thakur & Om Satyam Sahu       2nd- Akshara G                                                                 3rd- Rashmi Rekha & Hiya Shah
Class-V:   1st- Ayushi Rath & Ayushman Rath              2nd- Gargi Mahaya & Ashmita Bohidar                            3rd- Nishab Agrawal
Class-VI:  1st- Sundeep Kumar Panigrahi & Krutika G  2nd- Shruti Pratiksha Dash                                                3rd- Ujwal Dharua
Class-VII: 1st- Ankita Kisan & Shraddha Nayak             2nd- Smriti & Raghav Maharshi                                        3rd- Aniqa Fatma & Harsh
Class-VIII: 1st- Anushka Bansal & Asmit Behera            2nd- Ankit Bohidar & Adwait Supakar                              3rd- Adyanshika Hota

Literary Activities Aug-Sep (2018-19)

Literature opens the doors of imagination and understanding and allows us to see the way others see, to think the way others think. All the languages English, Odia and Hindi are given utmost importance in Delhi Public School, Sambalpur other than academics. The focus is on all the four language skills Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening. These enhance the student’s talents and capabilities. The inter-house competitions organised by the literary committee not only helps the students to develop individual talents, gain confidence but also learn to work in team spirit. The activities are made more lively making learning interesting and fun-filled.

The following literary activities are conducted based on the criteria.

  • Shrutlekh Competition
  • Hindi Poem Writing Competition, आओ कविता लिखो
  • Inter-House Hindi Doha Recitation Competition
  • Inter-House Hindi Elocution Competition
  • English Assay Writing Competition
  • Puzzle Solving Competition

Results of the above activities are:

Shrutlekh Competition (I-V):
1st- Snehasini Das                                           2nd-Nishka Tripathy                                      3rd- Rishita Tiwari
1st- Gaurav Mandal                                         2nd- Archie Mohanty                                      3rd-Rajashree Nayak & Saimaa Pradhan
1st- Manas Patel                                              2nd- Angel Jaiswal & Bhenish Panda         3rd- Nirupam Mandal
1st- Shreesa Panigrahi                                     2nd-Vaibhav Rathi                                          3rd-Ajitesh Rathi, Hiya Shah & Om Satyam Sahu
1st- Mahin Ranjan Das & Asmit Mohanty       2nd- Swabhiman Saha                                 3rd- Kanishka Rathi & Viraj Agrawal

Hindi Poem Writing Competition (I-V):
Class I:
1st- Snehasini Das                                           2nd- Nishka Tripathy                                     3rd- Naincy Dalei
Class II:
1st – Gaurav Mandal                                       2nd- Rajashree Nayak                                   3rd- Laxmi Priya Mehena & Anushka Singh
Class III:
1st- Nirupam Mandal                                      2nd- Anushka Rathi                                        3rd- Subhransu Roy
Class IV:
1st- Om Satyam Sahu & Ajitesh Rathi          2nd- Jiya Shah & Vaibhav Rathi                     3rd- Shreesa Panigrahi & Hiya Shah
Class V:
1st- Asmit Kumar Mohanty                           2nd- Nishab Agrawal                                        3rd- Ayushi Rath

Hindi Doha Recitation Competition (I-V):

Winner: Perceus House- Shraddha Nayak & Shreyas Mishra

Runner Up: Zodiac House- Archie Mishra & Aayushman Rath

Hindi Elocution Competition, Topic–इकीसवीं सदी का भारत (I-V):

Winner: Hercules House- Srijal Pansari and Perceus House- Debadutta Patel

Runner Up: Orion House- Hrishikesh Bhattar

English Assay Writing Competition (VI to X):
Class- VI:
1st- Hrishikesh Bhattar & Sundeep ku. Panigrahi      2nd- Sylvia Tara Naik & Srijal Pansar             3rd- Ronit Ku Sahu
Class -VII:
1st- Shraddha Nayak                                                 2nd- Nirbhay Pratap Singh & Ankita Kisan        3rd- Amrit Kaur & Raghav Maharshi
1st- Adyanshika Hota                                                2nd- Naman Tiwari                                             3rd- Kirti Ranjan Patel & Manas Gautam
1st- Debashish Das
1st- Ashneel Panda                                                   2nd- Sujal Singh                                                 3rd- Arpan Mohapatra & Revant Bhaduria

Puzzle Solving Competition (VI-X):

Class VI:

1st- Krutika G. & Srijal Pansari                                 2nd- Sylvia Tara Naik                                       3rd- Ananya Patel, Hrishikesh Bhattar & Dipali Patra
Class VII:
1st- Lakshya Singhania                                            2nd- Pritish Nayan Bag                                     3rd- Nirbhay Pratap Singh
Class VIII:
1st- Kirti Ranjan Patel & Ankit Bohidar                   2nd- Adarsh Kumar Behera & Manas Gautam  3rd- Adyanshika Hota
Class IX:

1st- Debadutta Patel & Udit Mital                          2nd- Subhashish Pattnaik & Debjyoti Pati         3rd- Jahanavi Rathi
Class X:
1st- Subham Sharma & Revant Bhaduria               2nd- Abhishek Anand                                         3rd- Arpan Mohapatra

Fresher’s Party July 2018

Delhi Public School, Sambalpur organized a magnificent Best Out of Waste & Fresher’s Party on 13th July 2018 in the campus. The purpose of this event is that every “Fresher” of DPS should feel like an integral part of the institute and readies to take on challenges of the year ahead. The party manifested youth and enthusiasm at its full flow. It was a fun filled event at which the freshers got an opportunity not only to showcase their talents but also to interact with the seniors.

The excitement augmented to a joyful high when the Fashion Show began. Contestants from the freshers batch vied for the Ms. Fresher and Mr. fresher 2018 titles. The contest included several rounds involving singing, dancing, talent display, dress parade and the final question and answer round.

Inquisitive about campus life and conscious of the latest fashion trends, the freshers dressed themselves in their best. The party scripted the beginning of hard work and fun the students would be paging through for the coming years at the college. Freshers’ party is all about making the best start to the new academic year. A time to create everlasting relationships with each other. The event is an indication of union among the students.

Mr. Soumya Kaur and Ms. Anushka Singh were declared Mr Fresher and Miss Fresher 2018.

Sports Activities June- July (2018-19)

As part of our vision statement is being Fit for Life, Sports and Physical Education are an integral and important part of the life of the Delhi Public School, Sambalpur students. The aim of the sports program is to ensure that all students are active during the day, and to create an awareness of the importance of regular physical activity, fitness, teamwork and inculcate these traits into the student’s adult life.

DPS, Sambalpur organised the Inter house Sports competitions for June- July (2018-19) started with Inter-house Badminton Final Match (III-X), Throw-Ball Competition (I-II) and Inter House Volley Ball Competition.

The results of the above activities are:

Inter House Badminton Final Match (III-X) :

Senior Boys (Group 6-10)     Hercules v/s Zodiac:           Champion – Hercules house                      Runner up -Zodiac house

Senior Girls (Group 6-10)     Hercules v/s Zodiac:           Champion – Zodiac house                         Runner up – Hercules house

Junior Boys (Group 3-5)       Hercules v/s Zodiac:           Champion- Hercules house                       Runner-up -Zodiac house

Junior Girls (Group 3-5)       Orion v/s Zodiac:                Champion – Orion house                           Runner up – Zodiac house

Throw-Ball Competition (I-II):

Class I:                               1st-Arpan                              2nd-Soham                                              3rd-Nancy Dalai

Class II:                              1st-Ashutosh                        2nd-Samarth Nayak                                  3rd-Aditya

Inter House Volley Ball Competition:

Winner-       Hercules House

Runner up-  Zodiac House

Activities June-July (2018-19)

School communities need to go beyond, take the next step and start to really cultivate and encourage skill for the next century. Delhi Public School, Sambalpur aim in various activities like English Debate Competition was to hone public speaking and communication skills. Debate- one of the co-curricular activities to gives students creative room to express what they feel. The session of kaleidoscope of opinions, thoughts, ideas and perspectives that definitely enhanced the knowledge and understanding of the topic among students. The participants speaking for both ‘In’ and ‘against’ the motion debated enthusiastically. The topic of this debate was “Does technology makes us more alone?” It was an enriching learning experience for the young debaters as they interacted with the judges and listened to the arguments put forth by the other participants. The team members felt ecstatic after their first win and all their hard work paid off.

“Every child has potentials to do something beyond imagination”. To bring out the hidden talents of the students DPS School organised Solo-Song Competition as well as extremely colourful and jubilant Mask- Making Competition to display their creativity and passion in particular activities by providing them opportunities to exhibit it. The students put in their heart and soul to come up with the best of ideas with free imagination.

Results of English-Debate, Solo-Song and Mask-Making Competition are:

Inter house English Debate Competition (VI-X)

In favour of the topic– Winner: Hercules House- Sujal Singh and Runner up: Orion House- Pihu Sharma

Against the topic– Winner: Hercules House- Srijal Pansari and Runner up: Orion House- Hrishikesh Bhattar

Solo Song Competition (I-X)

Class I:      1st- Nishka Tripathy                                  2nd- Aradhya Agrawal                                     3rd –Anshuman Sahoo

Class II:     1st-Tanvi Chandra                                     2nd- Adwaita Panda                                         3rd- Atika Fatima

Class III:    1st- Sandilya Panda                                   2nd- Nirupam Mandal                                      3rd- Bhenish Panda

Class IV:    1st- Krishna Pandey & Ajitesh rathi          2nd- Jasmine Chandra                                      3rd- Jiya Shah

Class V:     1st- Asmita Bohidar                                  2nd- Viraj Agrawal                                            3rd- Sanjeevani Naik

Class VI:    1st- Harshit Modi                                      2nd- Hrishikesh  Bhattar

Class VII:   1st- Shraddha Naik                                   2nd- Ankita Kisan

Class VIII:  1st- Ankit  Bohidar                                    2nd- Asmit Behera                                            3rd- Subhangam Panigrahi

Class X:      1st- Subhajit Ghosh                                 2nd- Sahil Kedia

Mask Making Competition (I-V)

Class- I:     1st- Nancy Dalai& Snehasini Das            2nd- Nishka Tripathy                                         3rd- Anshuman Sahu

Class- II:    1st- Samarth Nayak                                 2nd- Tanvi Chandra & Saimaa Pradhan            3rd- Bunty Kumar Nayak

Class- III:   1st- Sandilya Panda                                 2nd- Angel Jaiswal                                             3rd- Manas Patel

Class- IV:   1st- Jasmine Chandra& Akshara G.         2nd- Ajitesh Rathi                                              3rd- Hiya Shah

Class- V:    1st- Gargi Mahaya                                   2nd- Sony Bhoi                                                  3rd- Rishima Tiwari





Graduation Ceremony and Farewell Party March 2018


“Children are nobody else, they resemblance of God on the earth”. These days it is very common in schools, that every end of the academic year the kindergarten kids as they step in to class one, to mark the fresh academic year and to encourage kids, the Delhi Public School Sambalpur organize the Graduation Day.

Its not only surrounds the child’s all round journey in his/her Kindergarten world, but also showcases the tireless efforts of the kindergarten teachers in nurturing and grooming of these tiny tots. It is one of the most important moments in a student’s life as it marks a transition from one stage in his/her educational life to another. Hence, the Graduation Ceremony is attended by parents, friends and well -wishers of a person.

DPS, Sambalpur on 10th March hosted the Graduation Day Ceremony for UKG and class V at its main campus in Sambalpur. The Chief Guest on the occasion, Bani Roy, she is a Retired Odia teacher and a prominent educationist who struggled very hard to set her career as teacher. She was also awarded with best teacher in 2004. She awarded the graduation hats, regalia and graduate certificates to the students in presence of Principal, Mrs. Sujata Lenka, faculties and proud parents of the students of UKG and Class V.

The campus was brimming with energy reflecting the sense of anticipation among the students wearing the blue ceremonial graduation regalia. Speech has been given by the concerned class teachers of UKG and Class V. The Chief Guest Bani Roy expressed her happiness on being a part of the Graduation Day Ceremony and gave away the special awards and Graduation Certificates to the students. An appreciating speech was given by the Principal. Pride and joy filled the air with families and friends cheering the students as they went on stage to receive their certificates.


There is a tradition in every school that the junior students give a Farewell Party to the senior most and outgoing students. Every student who begins school life must end it one day. The teachers meant so much to students as they gave them guidance at the most needed hour. However, it is also true that a student is nothing or incomplete without a good teacher.

After many years of hard struggle of the students, now the time has come to see them off so that they can see the world by completing their college life. Students will have to face more hard challenges than before in later life. However, they should never get fed up and continue to go ahead having confidence and beliefs in his/her self. It is your belief, courage, patience and hard work which will surely lead you ahead and give you a bright future.

Students of senior classes of DPS, Sambalpur, gathered to bid Farewell to the outgoing Class XII batch. The day was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce joyous moments. The venue was festooned with gold and shining stars and designer’s balloons. The ceremony started with the welcome of class XII students, followed by lighting the candles which shows the path of knowledge. Hitesh Agrawal and Palak, were the host of the show. The auditorium was set ablaze with a ramp walk by class XII students.

The organizing students read out compliments while school Principal, Mrs. Sujata Lenka gave a memento to each student.  An incredible dance item presented by students was well applauded and the pulsating music rocked the ambiance. The class XII students cut the farewell cake and also shared some words they left on moment while Principal presented a vote of thanks and blessed all outgoing students for a bright future. School good wishes are always with the students and wishing them All The Best for the future. Nice line for the students that is well said by the Albert Einstein:

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”