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While children are struggling to be unique, the world around them is trying all means to make them
look like everybody else. To make those tiny flames into ever-lasting fire of curiosity for knowledge,
it is very important to give kids a needful place to play their own music of life. While they are in their
developing stages they need a suitable environment to be taught in, like an athlete needs a ground
to perform his sport? –Accurate.
In digital generation where we can get any universal information in few taps of fingers, which serves
instantly and answers within seconds, have made the education more challenging to get advanced.
A child needs a particular information in particular age, like a pre-school student should be taught
about using the abilities, not philosophy about mindfulness, a primary student should be taught
about basic reading and writing which will be a tool in his/her future learning. If a 5 year old gets the
information of 15 year old it may cause dangerous result and non-favourable behaviour. Listing this
things because this is why schools were made, classified stages of classes which keeps the learning in
right way.
Children are like potter’s wet clay, ‘raw’, it’s the school which shapes them in strong character and
discipline so that they can be a good asset for the society. School doesn’t only teaches the lessons
written in the textbooks, it builds the whole character and personality of a child.
It is crucial for a child to attend the phase of life where uniformity is taught under required guidance.
You can’t an expect a fish to swim in branches of tree and a bird to fly in underwater. Similarly, you
can’t accept a human to be a good citizen if not taught proper lessons in initial days.
A school is Important because it gives a basic life guideline for a developing mind:

  1. Knowing what to do: like stated above, a child should be taught foremost about awareness
    of capability and recognitions.
  2. Knowing how to do it: It is good to want something but it makes the good go great when a
    student knows the technique and methodology to achieve the desired want.
  3. Knowing how well you are doing: Teachers were made for this purpose, to check the
    progress and give inputs according to the output of the student.
  4. Knowing where to go: In case a student wants to go with career of arts, the school gives the
    direction towards the aim.
  5. Being free from distractions: the most important factor for a child is to get off the
    distractions, for which schooling is very necessary.
    Cultivation of good habits
    We eat the fruits of our habit, you can’t accept an apple from a mango tree, consistent
    practice of good and disciplined behaviour is required to outgrow as a good character.

Studying at school: Apart from learning and developing, schools also helps an individual to socialize,
to meet new friends of same age which adds a good quality in children. It’s also a ladder for future,

which aligns the goals and helps to take steps accordingly. Nest is always a warm, safe place but if a
bird decides never to leave it, she may starve to death. Similarly coming out of home and seeing the
world with good guidance is extremely beneficial for a child. A child gets to core human value of
‘equality’ by being treated equal as any other student at the school and gives back to the society.

School is the most memorable part of life for any of us, because that’s the only place where we
learned to spell our name and decoded our knowledge into speech and vocabulary. Everyone can
speak and express but how to do it in generous way so that it creates the optimum result is what
school taught us.
Anyone can go and catch a train from railway station but knowing the right platform for the right
destination is what school is all about.

For a successful reaping of crop the foremost requirement is to make the land of soil fertile enough
to grow the seeds. School is the fertile soil land for students to flourish themselves. The journey
always starts with 0 and ends to the point where we can’t limit the numbers.

By :- Abhyuday Tiwari

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