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Our faculty are passionate about teaching, as well as experts in their fields and in the ages they teach. Children view teachers as allies who encourage them to work collaboratively, respecting and appreciating their own and each other’s unique strengths.  

Parent Involvement

Founded with the dream to revolutionize the way of education in India, Delhi Public School is the best CBSE school in Sambalpur and is home to many students from across the globe who come together for a better educational opportunity. We are an English medium institution affiliated with the CBSE board that provides education in a close-knit environment where students can learn from the teachers and grow from their own abilities.

In a complex and often chaotic world, Delhi Public School Sambalpur offers a calm and thoughtful educational community for children and their families.


To make provisions for our children to get the best scholastic and co-scholastic education, we have carefully structured our academic curriculum as well as extra-curricular activities such that they can develop their talents to their highest standards. It is our mission to grow and enable the future leaders of tomorrow, and to provide them with the best educational opportunities


I encourage you to look through our website, learn about the school, our unique and Programs, and the essential and valued participation of parents in the life of the School. For almost 10 years, Delhi Public School Sambalpur students, parents, and teachers have worked together to become the best CBSE school in Odisha and Chhattisgarh, and to fulfil the School’s mission “We deeply engage a diverse community of students in connecting the classroom to the larger world, supporting each child in developing the confidence, compassion, and intellectual capacity to live a life of purpose and value.”

For the same, Delhi Public School is the best CBSE school in Sambalpur, Odisha because it has created many opportunities to provide a platform for our students, our students too have participated in many competitions and have won many awards. Our students at Delhi Public School Sambalpur can opt for either in-residence (hostel) education or in-school (day) schooling. We promise to provide the same opportunities and platforms for both our students!

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