Delhi Public School Sambalpur

Sports and Extra Curricular

Considering the fact that boarding schools comparatively offer more sports and extra curricular activities, the children have better exposure. Children in boarding schools get to live with their friends and their sports teams and hence can also practice in their free time. delhi public school , Sambalpur, Odisha is the best school for the extra curricular and sports exposure. This school makes it a priority to add fun to the students’ schedule. This school offers numerous amounts of activities and gets involved in competitions. DPS, Sambalpur, Odisha has also won uncountable awards in all activities.  All in all, Boarding Schools teach children a lot of life values that a child in a day school may not learn until later in life. Boarding schools shape a child’s life and train them to do their best, always. And delhi public school is the best school in Sambalpur, Odisha, India to shape your child’s mind for the better.

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